YouTube lets users test makeup via augmented reality

YouTube lets users test makeup via augmented reality

YouTube users can soon try out virtual makeup with the AR Beauty Try-On option while watching a makeup tutorial at the same time. YouTube parent company Google announced this on Tuesday.

AR Beauty Try-On is launched in collaboration with the cosmetics company MAC. Products from other brands are also added later. It is not yet clear when users can use the function exactly.

Viewers can try different shades of makeup, while a beauty vlogger applies them. If users like it, they can immediately purchase the product via an attached link.

According to Google, many consumers watch beauty vloggers to help them choose a new product. “With AR Beauty Try-On, brands and vloggers can make viewers’ experiences more personal and useful,” the company writes in its blog.

Earlier this month, Google brought augmentedreality function to Google Search. With this option, if the language of the search function is set in English, you can display life-size animals in the real world via the telephone camera.

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