YouTube: Homophobia harassment does not violate our policies

YouTube and Vox Media , the parent company of, among others, The Verge and Vox, are quite upset. A writer from Vox, Carlos Maza, is after all regularly harassed for his orientation by Steven Crowder, a well-known YouTuber. Steven often responds to Vox’s Strikethrough series, with various refutations. In his refutations on YouTube, Crowder often uses intimidating language, specifically focused on the orientation of Maza. The presenter posted a thread on Twitter about the events, after which YouTube started an investigation into the events: surprisingly, the outcome is on Crowder’s side.

Steven Crowder

Earlier this week Crowder already responded to the Maza thread in a derogatory video. In this, Crowder calls Maza ‘harmless ribbing’. In earlier videos Crowder spoke of Maza as a ‘lispy queer’ and ‘gay mexican’. On the Crowder website you can also buy different T-shirts with intimidating texts, the same text as in the Twitter banner of the YouTuber. The audience of the YouTuber has even made T-shirts with intimidating texts that are specifically aimed at Carlos . YouTube says it has now completed its investigation, and comes with a surprising and harmful conclusion: Steven’s behavior does not run counter to YouTube’s policies, his channel and videos remain online.

The platform has thrown this conclusion to the world via Twitter: “Our teams have been busy in recent days with a thorough investigation of the videos. We have found that the videos contain unwanted language, but the videos, as posted on YouTube, do not violate our policies. ” The company continues by saying that “YouTube is an open platform” and “crucial for everyone – from creators, to journalists and TV hosts – to share their views, provided they comply with our platform’s policies”. Furthermore, “opinions may appear offensive, but if they do not violate our policies, they will remain on our website.”

What are the YouTube policies?

However, it is strange that the videos do not violate YouTube’s policies, as the company has a number of policies that violate Crowder’s videos. One of the rules is that the platform will remove any form of hate speech. Furthermore: Content or behavior intended to harass, threaten or bully others is not permitted. YouTube also states in its policy rules that it is forbidden to post videos to humiliate others, or to post videos in which negative reporting is made about other people. YouTube says the incident is ‘investigating further internally’, as can be read on Twitter.

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