Youngest African Crypto Entrepreneur Frontiers Education Drive In Ghana

While Blockchain and its Cryptocurrencies are trending all over the world and gaining mass adoption; Ghana and all other parts of Africa have been reported to be lagging behind in terms of their usage of Bitcoin as well as its adoption in the region.

Also, the fact is that Ghana has successfully led the Google Trends chart for the use of the Bitcoin keyword not too long ago and still continues to be rated among the top three on the exact same chart. However, this West African nation still manages to record very low patronage of Blockchain and its technology.

However, the main highlight of this news has to do with the fact that Elisha Owusu Akyaw; youngest Bitcoin entrepreneur in the whole of Africa, is currently seeking to promote both Blockchain and Bitcoin acceptance in his home country; Ghana via an education campaign.

Elisha began his journey of innovation in the Blockchain sphere at the young age of sixteen. Also, he has made diverse headlines with all of his work in the Blockchain industry. He is frequently referred to as the youngest Bitcoin entrepreneur.

Also, Elisha was listed among the top twenty Blockchain influencers in Africa by the popular

All About The Education Drive

The education drive to be carried out by Elisha will be executed under the BlockXAfrica brand. This brand is a Blockchain startup that is based in Ghana and practically seeks to bridge the gap between Blockchain and virtual currency education.

All these will be attained via:

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration, and;
  • Advocacy

Furthermore, BlockXAfrica believes that Blockchain has so many prospects in pushing the development of Ghana, and this includes:

  • Fixing the country’s monetary woes via the usage of virtual currencies
  • Monitoring corruption via record systems that are backed by Blockchain
  • Fixing the country’s mortality and fatality registry using Blockchain solutions, etc.

This highly aspiring Blockchain advocacy powerhouse has the tendency to achieve those mentioned above using planned educational campaigns and social intervention projects as well as programs.

The education campaign by BlockXAfrica strictly seeks to educate and enlighten individuals on the vitality of digital currencies and their diverse use cases all over the continent

And, at the same time, it addresses the various digital currency scams that have invaded the crypto sphere in Africa. This is actually one of the highest contributing factors that disrupt the blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, asides from education, BlockXAfrica will be partnering with traditional developers to build innovations that are supported by Blockchain technology in a bid to resolve diverse social problems occurring in Ghana.

To Wrap It Up

In the same vein, the company will be going further to donate some of its very own proceeds to charities that are dispersed around the country. This will be done in a way to show individuals that Blockchain can actually transform lives.

BlockXAfrica actually organized its very first meet-up some weeks back and plans on embarking on a tour all over the country.

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