Wikileaks may hold 46 million dollar bitcoin (BTC)

Wikileaks may hold 46 million dollar bitcoin (BTC)

Wikileaks may hold 46 million dollar bitcoin (BTC)

The Wikileaks organization may be holding a significant amount of Bitcoin (BTC). According to a recent Reddit publication, Wikileaks may have received a BTC donation worth $ 46 million.

Reddit user Boredguy32 calculates the total BTC amount from two wallets known to be related to the non-profit media initiative launched in 2006 just three years before Julian Assange’s first Bitcoin block was excavated. The total amount of BTC is reported to have increased to approximately 4,054 BTC, with amounts from independent donations.

Considering the anti-censorship values ​​of the Wikileaks project, it seems more appropriate to suggest that some donors donated at an early stage when the BTC was lower than it is now. In addition, Assange’s arrest and extradition recently saw a huge increase in donations, with over 40 Bitcoin donations made in just three hours. Some of these donors have donated ZCash (ZEC) and Bitcoin. Wikileaks’in BTC shares, if the organization had been given to all, now would have accumulated a great wealth.

Overall, the Wikileaks project did not have much impact on the crypto currency area, but it had recently been involved in ongoing discussions about Craig Wright. The project’s Twitter account stated that the Australian entrepreneur shared fake documents to claim that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.

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