What do Cryptocurrency and AI have in common?

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Cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology is part of a major digital revolution. Technologies that make the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) possible will all change the way we live and interact.

What is AI?

AI is a broad term in itself. AI is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. This technology refers to the ability to allow machines to acquire and share knowledge. This is comparable to a human brain.

AI is currently being used on a large scale. One of the best known forms of the moment is the self-driving cars.

AI and cryptocurrency?

Although cryptocurrency and AI cannot be directly related, there are still several similarities. For this reason, researchers are currently looking for ways to integrate them.

But what exactly are the similarities?


The cryptocurrency ecosystem is based on blockchain technology. This technology is considered extremely safe and transparent. The digital currencies that can be linked to this are traded via exchanges with a predefined method. This method offers clear compensation and clear results.

However, not only cryptocurrency is transparent. AI is also transparent in everything that is carried out. AI implements clear pre-set instructions to achieve a specific goal.

Both options do not have a centralized system in which everything is managed or controlled. Everything is done in a decentralized manner.


Both AI and cryptocurrency are built to be as secure as possible. To avoid cyber attacks and other malicious parties, both technologies use various security measures.

The distributed ledger system for which the Blockchain is known and the self-learning capacity of AI ensure that unauthorized actions are quickly identified and (often automatically) processed.


Both technologies can make great technological developments come true. AI can itself replace many contemporary professions, while cryptocurrency makes it possible to eliminate payment processors or other financial intermediaries. As a result, results will be achieved almost immediately, while these technologies are only a fraction of all other expenditures.

No prejudices

Both technologies are decentralized, autonomous organizations that behave without prejudice. This results in systems that are able to easily make decisions based on rational and logical data. There is no emotional thought spin in this.

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