Western Digital expects to produce six fewer exabytes less flash memory due to power outage

western digital

Western Digital can produce six exabytes less flash memory than planned. That is due to a power outage at its Toshiba Memory Corporation joint venture on 15, the company reports.

Western Digital is working with Toshiba Memory Corporation to restore production as quickly as possible , the company writes in a statement. The power failure occurred on Saturday, June 15 in the Yokkaichi region in Japan. The incident affected the facilities of the joint venture between Toshiba and Western Digital, which meant that, among other things, the process tools for processing wafers for the production of nand memory did not function for a short time.

WD is still investigating the full impact, but at least the company expects a decrease in flash memory production of six exabytes, or six million terabytes. WD expects that the consequences for the company will occur in particular in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2020, or the period from October to December. For example, the company may probably deliver fewer SSDs than it wanted during that period.

According to TrendForce, the power outage lasted only thirteen minutes. Daughter division of TrendForce DRAMeXchange, which analyzes memory prices, expects the prices for 2d-nand to rise as a result of the incident, while the price reductions for stacked 3d-nand may flatten out.

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