Waze gets access to Google Assistant

The popular navigation app Waze will soon get a little better thanks to the integration of Google Assistant. “Waze, take a back road!”

Many users of Waze have been fans of this popular app for years, which is seen as the alternative to the traditional GPS. The company behind Waze was founded in 2006 and became part of Google in 2013 after a takeover of nearly 1 billion dollars. Since then, Google has had two navigation apps and we see the functionality of Google Maps once in Waze and vice versa. This time it is Google Assistant’s turn.

The advantage of Waze with Google Assistant

You may be wondering what you get from Google Assistant while driving. Quite a bit, according to the information that Google posted on their Assistant blog. First of all, you will have access to the voice functions that let you manage your music. Quickly pause your podcast or play the next song is now even easier and you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel. Of course you can also send a message to friends or give them a call in the same way.

Of course you can also expect functionality that is exclusive to Waze, such as communicating a real-time traffic report or giving Waze instructions to avoid toll roads. You can even indicate files with a simple “Hey Google, report traffic.”


This Waze update will first become available in English in the United States and then gradually but surely roll out worldwide in several languages.

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