Volkswagen wants to put its own operating system in all VW cars from 2025 onwards

Volkswagen wants to put its own operating system in all its cars from 2025 onwards

Volkswagen is setting up a new business unit under the name Car.Software that is responsible for software development. By 2025, five thousand people will have to work and all cars will have to run on their own VWS.

According to their own statement, Volkswagen is currently developing around ten percent of the software it uses in cars in-house, but by 2025 that should be sixty percent. This year, Car.Software starts with five hundred employees, and by 2020 that should increase to around two thousand employees.

At the announcement Volkswagen says that from 2025 it wants to provide all its cars with its own operating system with the name vw.os and Volkswagen Automotive Cloud . The car manufacturer does not provide details about the ox. The cloud service of the car manufacturer has already been announced and Volkswagen is working with Microsoft for this.

In 2020 the first cars with vw.os and Volkswagen Automotive Cloud will be released. The first model with this software is the electric ID.3 , of which Volkswagen showed images last month. The full unveiling of that model will follow in September.

Volkswagen states that it currently works with seventy different operating systems that run on software from nearly two hundred different suppliers. The switch to a uniform system for all cars and brands of the Group will, according to the company, provide a significant economical advantage.

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