Volkswagen ends collaboration with Aurora for self-driving cars

Volkswagen ends its collaboration with Aurora for the development of self-driving cars. A new collaboration with Ford via start-up Argo-AI brings clarity.

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen is ending its collaboration with Aurora. The company entered into a partnership with Aurora a year ago to develop a platform for its self-driving cars. In the meantime, the company has informed the Financial Times that it has stopped cooperating.

It is not entirely clear what the reason behind this abandonment is, but VW would start a new partnership with Argo AI this summer. The car manufacturer works together with the American Ford for this. Both companies want to develop electric and self-driving cars together.

Complex collaboration

A few days ago, Aurora started working with Fiat Chrysler. Aurora – funded by Amazon – also has partnerships with South Korean Hyundai and Chinese Byton. That could be a possible explanation for the abandonment on the VW side. By working together with a company that distributes its software to multiple car giants, VW runs the risk of not becoming a leader in self-driving cars. At least for the regular car market.

In a reaction, Aurora says that it has been a nice collaboration with VW since day 1, but that it makes sense that companies want to move on or have other ideas.

The Volkswagen group has been investing heavily in new technologies in recent years. Earlier this spring, it launched the eGon, an educational vehicle that can be used in schools.

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