US has infected Russian electricity network with malware

US hackers are said to have infiltrated the Russian electricity network, installing ‘attacking malware’. According to sources with the US government, the attack serves to deter the Russians.

The news comes from The New York Times, which relies on multiple conversations with unnamed US government officials. Although the government did not want to publicly confirm the reporting, security adviser John Bolton stated earlier that the United States has a “broader look” at digital targets and is adopting a more aggressive approach to digital attacks.

According to The New York Times, Americans have been infiltrating the Russian electricity network since 2012. Until now, however, it would only have been about spyware without attacking capabilities. However, since last year legislation has been introduced that also includes digital attacks; US state hackers have probably switched to posting what the American newspaper calls “attacking malware.” What exactly that malware does is unknown, but one of the government sources states that the hacking attempts have become ‘much more aggressive’.

However, there have not been any public reports of problems with the Russian electricity network for the time being. The sources spoken by The New York Times state that, for the time being, the main goal seems to be deterrence.

In the past, the United States has repeatedly accused Russia of using state hackers to infiltrate government systems and set up digital disinformation campaigns to influence public opinion. For example, a hackers group affiliated with Russia has been accused of infiltrating the American electricity network. In response to this, among other things, the new American legislation has been introduced that legalises malware attacks.

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