US authorities insist that Chinese owner of Grindr sells app until June 2020

The Chinese owner of Grindr has agreed with the US authorities that he will sell the dating app for gays before June 2020. The US then insisted on concerns about national security, because the Grindr database contains a lot of privacy-sensitive information.

The originally American app Grindr got between 2016 and 2018 in the hands of the Chinese game company Beijing Kunlun Tech. According to Reuters news agency, this happened through two separate deals that were not reported to Cfius at the time. That is the American committee that investigates security risks when investing by foreign companies.

The Cfius is concerned that the Grindr database and thus the privacy of the homosexual users of the app are insufficiently secure in Chinese hands. This database contains quite a bit of personal information, from the location and messages of a user to sometimes their HIV status .

The Cfius requested Beijing Kunlun Tech in March to sell Grindr. The game company has resigned itself to this this week and is now talking to an investment bank for the sale. As part of the agreement, activities in China will be discontinued and Beijing Kunlun Tech will no longer have access to the personal information of the app’s users.

The Chinese company further agrees that the Grindr headquarters will remain in America, that two of the three board members will be Americans and that the board must be approved by Cfius.

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