Ubisoft launches Uplay + subscription service for games

Ubisoft has announced its new subscription service at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles. Uplay + appears on September 3.

At the annual E3 trade show in Los Angeles, a huge amount of new games was presented to the general public this weekend. However, it did not stop there, because more and more subscription services are being introduced. For example, Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Pass for PC, we were introduced to Origin Access and introduced French Ubisoft Uplay + to their fans, a subscription formula that will be available from September 3 and gives players access to the company’s huge catalog.

Uplay + gives fans access to the huge catalog of games that the French game studio has collected in recent decades. In total it concerns more than 100 titles, which will be fully available and that includes their premium options, season passes and DLC (downloadable content). Furthermore, the subscription service also gives you access to new game and early access beta testing, so that you can play new games a few days before the launch. The service will be available for PC and, after the launch of the platform, also on Google Stages.

What does Ubisoft Uplay + cost?

Uplay + will be available from 3 September for a price of $ 14.99 per month. That is not a small amount, but those who take the step will not get bored, because in the future from the day of release the service will contain the latest games from the company, including the just announced Watch Dogs Legion and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint . Those who are not yet completely convinced can already register on the Uplay website to receive a free one-month trial at the time of launch.

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