Uber will test meal deliveries with drones

uber meal delivery drone

Uber tests with McDonald’s the delivery of orders via drones. The company has already received the green light from the authorities for testing in the San Diego region.

With the concept, it wants to combine the knowledge of its Uber Eats service with the other ambitions of the American group.

“Uber is in a unique position to meet this challenge, because we have a network of restaurants and suppliers, and with (our division) Elevate also have experience and technology in the field of aviation,” said Luke Fischer, one of those responsible for Uber Elevate.

The drones will not deliver the meals directly to the customers, but will deliver them to secure zones. A Uber Eats courier will then pick them up and take them to the customer. In time it is considered to land the drones on vehicles that are parked close to the end customer.

Initial tests are already being carried out in collaboration with McDonald’s. The group also wants to expand the test group with other restaurants before the end of the year.Also, Amazon and Google / Wing want to deliver packages by air and were recently licensed by the US authorities to conduct test flights.

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