Uber partners with Ethereum (ETH)-based health startup Solve.Care

Uber partners with Ethereum (ETH)-based health startup Solve.Care

Uber partners with Ethereum (ETH)-based health startup Solve.Care

Uber is also increasingly focusing on the healthcare sector with its subsidiary Uber Health. Now Uber Health has announced a partnership with blockchain startup Solve.Care, following the actions of their main competitor Lyft. Uber thus pushes further into the blockchain sector and relies on the Blockchain in the healthcare industry. In future, crypto payments by Solve.Care customers should also be possible at Uber. We have summarized the details for you.

Uber Relies on Blockchain for Healthcare and Announces Partnership with Solve.Care

The collaboration between Uber and Solve.Care seems to be a good thing and underscores Uber’s push into the healthcare sector. The collaboration is also a clear sign that the Mobility giant is interested in dealing with the subject of blockchain and its benefits. According to a Forbes report, the Ethereum-based blockchain startup Solve.Care is going to get full access to the entire American Uber fleet through the partnership.

The goal of the partnership is to provide affordable transportation for patients and caregivers. In addition, Solve.Care wants to reduce insurance fraud in healthcare with the help of the public ledger. The partnership with Uber enables the startup to offer its customers an even better end-to-end experience, from transport to flexible payment options.

Uber Health Director Dan Trigub explained the company’s plans in the health sector:

Every year, an estimated 3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments for a lack of reliable transportation, with the cost of missed primary care appointments estimated at $ 150 billion annually.

He further clarified that the company’s services and APIs are compliant with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), even if used by third parties.

Incidentally, Uber is not the only transport company working with Solve.Care. Lyft, Uber’s main rival, also agreed to partner with Solve.Care in March this year.

Pay Uber with crypto?

Anyone who gets familiar with the Solve.Care project will quickly realize that in addition to the fundraising and listed token, SOLVE there is also a CARE token. This can be used by customers as a payment method. This means that patients can soon pay for their rides with a cryptocurrency, albeit to a limited extent.

The service is used exclusively for non-urgent medical transport and is not intended to replace emergency vehicles such as ambulances.

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