Two startups are working on Ethereum (ETH) payments on Amazon

Two startups are working on ethereum (ETH) payments on Amazon

CLIC Technology, a cryptocurrency payment provider , and blockchain infrastructure provider Opporty have announced that they are working together on a browser extension that allows users with ethereum (ETH) to pay on Amazon.

According to an official press release , the browser extension will support the payments without Amazon itself supporting cryptocurrency payments. The extension will use Plasma Cash, a feature that was discussed in March this year by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Plasma Cash, just like Bitcoins Lightning Network, would ensure scalability. This would drastically reduce transaction speeds. The press release refers to 20 transactions per second.

Roman Bond, CEO of CLIC Technology said the following:

Bringing cryptocurrency to e-commerce market places is the amalgamation of two next-generation industries.

The cooperating startups aim to add more ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens to the browser extension in the future.

Yet this is not the first browser extension of this nature. In April, the extension Moon could also make cryptocurrency payments.

About a month ago, a patent emerged suggesting that Amazon might be considering its own cryptocurrency.

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