Twitch streamers can now throw a paywall on their stream

twitch paywall

Streaming service Twitch wants to give creators more freedom about how they reward paying subscribers.

Streamers can earn a living on Twitch with, for example, paying subscriptions. In return, paying users receive a VIP badge and custom sub emotes, for example. However, Twitch wants to go a little further in rewarding paying users and now gives streamers the option of broadcasting streams that can only be viewed by paying subscribers.

The functionality is called ‘Subscriber Streams’ and was launched today in beta. When a streamer broadcasts a Subscriber Stream, only subscribers can watch the stream. Non-paying users will see a preview that expires after a certain time. After the free preview, the user will see the message that he / she must subscribe in order to continue watching the stream.

For now, the functionality can only be used by a select group of streamers that meet certain conditions. For example, they must be Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner and the streamer must not have committed any violation against the terms of the platform in the last three months.

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