Tunisian Central Bank says it will not issue an e-dinar at all

Tunisian Central Bank says it will not issue an e-dinar at all

Tunisia is going to launch e-dinar based on Universa blockchain

A press release on the website of the Central Bank of Tunisia indicates that there is no e-dinar at all. Is this a case of fake news?

Last week the news came out that Tunisia was the first country to issue a Central Bank Digital Currency. The Central Bank of Tunisia has denied the news via a press release on its website. It would be a test that has nothing to do with the Central Bank.

The Central Bank states in the press release that the news has been taken out of context. The presentation was a proof-of-concept. The Central Bank states that it “has not entered into any relationship with any national, or international, crypto provider.”

Bad news for Universa?

The news was released earlier this week by the Russian newspaper TASS and was subsequently taken over by all major crypto media companies, including BitzArena. In the article by TASS, the CEO of Universa is quoted by name and by name, while explaining the cooperation between Universa and Tunisia.

It is unclear who is right. It is clear that the existence of the e-dinar is officially denied. A response from Universa is yet to come: apparently the e-dinar was developed for another Tunisian country.

Possibly an e-dinar?

The Central Bank keeps the door open. They indicate that they are investigating the options for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). But that the plans are far from concrete, because “the investigation into the risks still has to be completed”.

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