Toshiba and Panasonic stop deliveries of certain products to Huawei

The Japanese electronics companies Toshiba and Panasonic also stop the supply of certain products to Huawei as a result of the American trade ban as a precaution. The Taiwanese chip company TSMC reports that its deliveries to Huawei will not be affected.

Toshiba is investigating whether the products it supplies to Huawei contain parts or techniques of American origin and, pending the results, have stopped deliveries, writes Japanese business newspaper Nikkei. Toshiba does not disclose the products, but the newspaper writes that the company supplies hard drives, discrete semiconductors such as transistors and diodes and data processing systems to the Chinese company.

Panasonic also stops delivering suspected smartphone components to Huawei during an impact study. Panasonic informs Nikkei that it concerns a limited number of products and that hardly any effect on sales can be expected. Kyocera, also Japanese, has not yet taken a decision but Murata Manufacturing continues to deliver to Huawei. Both companies supply capacitors.

In the meantime, the Taiwanese chip giant has reported to Reuters that its deliveries are not covered by the trade ban. Huawei is in serious trouble due to trade restrictions imposed by the US government. Intel, Qualcomm and ARM, among others, have stopped trading and Huawei is also losing its Android license. The supply of crucial technology has therefore come to a halt.

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