Tor: 107% bitcoin (BTC) donations with BTCPay

Tor: 107% bitcoin (BTC) donations with BTCPay

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Yesterday Tor started a crowdfunding campaign accepting donations in bitcoin (BTC) thanks to a collaboration with BTCPay.

The collection target was $ 10,000 and it already has exceeded that goal, having already collected $ 10,714 from 358 contributors.

A large part of the transactions, 36% according to data shared by BTCPay, were sent via Lightning Network.

Tor is an independent project that works on an anonymous browser that is against normal Internet censorship. Tor is based on the so-called onion routing mechanism, which requires shared data to be encrypted on various levels. The data passes through a series of nodes, just like it happens on the blockchain, that is a series of computers scattered all over the world.

The fact that bitcoin donations have reached 65% in one day and 107% in another few hours shows that BTC payments are not an utopia and that people are more and more interested in their own privacy, so as to finance an anonymous browser with their own bitcoin.

Tor had become quite famous mainly because Silk Road was based on it, but in reality it goes far beyond the black and illegal market, since it allows above all that there is no censorship of information.

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