“The notch is a thing of the past”: Xiaomi explains how


Xiaomi eliminates the notch. A camera that sits under the screen and can nevertheless maintain almost the full quality.

Earlier this week, Xiaomi launched a direct attack on OPPO’s new smartphone model, but with a camera that is hidden behind the screen. As an explanation of that new technology, the Chinese smartphone maker now explains how it works correctly.


Display in display

According to Wang Xiang, Xiaomi’s chief executive, concrete use is made of a larger camera sensor, which means that much more light enters than a conventional smartphone camera. Because the part where the camera is placed in the screen can make it lie. And when the camera is not being used, it is just part of the screen.

Xiaomi’s Under-Display Camera Technology could be the ultimate solution for a Full Screen Display coexisting with a front camera! RT if you love it. #InnovationForEveryone pic.twitter.com/8e7EdEBn8J – Wang Xiang (@ XiangW_) June 3, 2019

Wang Xiang tweeted a number of photos in which the technology is explained. In it is told that it is a 20-megapixel camera, but we do not know more than that. It seems that Xiaomi uses roughly the same technology as a fingerprint scanner that is located behind the screen.

Of course, the technology is not yet fully on track. The Verge reports that they would still see light edges of the camera on the basis of the slides. But it is certainly doable. The most important question of course is when are we going to see a smartphone that will really use this technology. Currently Xiaomi indicates that it is looking at the possibilities, but when they will be finished with that is not clear.

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