The arrival of the new Darksiders game is revealed in the E3 agenda

n the planning for the E3 game fair, a panel can be seen that “coincides with the unveiling of a brand new Darksiders game”. That is not an official announcement of the game, but with this it is almost certain that the game is being made and is being revealed.

The text that Eurogamer makes mention of, is on the page for E3 Coliseum. That is a series of panel discussions that is independent of the press conferences and apparently cannot be followed via live stream. On Thursday 13 June at 10:30 am ‘Darksiders: Action Adventure Evolved’ will be shown. Not only is the description about a new Darksiders game, it is also said to “move the franchise in a fresh, new direction”.

The main characters in the Darksiders franchise have always been the riders of the apocalypse. In the first games that were War, Death and Fury. The last of the riders would be Famine, but perhaps that developer Gunfire Games abandons the concept of the riders, given the mention of a new direction.

Darksiders I, II and III were released in 2010, 2012 and 2018 and are available for a wide range of platforms. Although every new game in the series is less valued by the bank than its predecessor, publisher THQ Nordic is obviously not bored with the franchise.

The E3 press conferences take place on 9, 10 and 11 June, but it is not yet certain at which conference the announcement will take place. Probably it will be that of Microsoft on June 9, since all other press conferences are from publishers themselves, THQ Nordic itself does not give a presentation and the game is probably too violent for Nintendo’s stream.


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