Tesla blocks Blind application for complaints about working conditions

There is no perfect company, whether there is a strong hierarchy or not. Sometimes employees with these complaints can go to managers, but in other cases it is simply not possible. To make you complain about the internal circumstances at a company, there are apps such as Blind. Blind has been developed from the ground up as an application to talk about internal circumstances. Tesla does not like leaking internal events. That may now also have its effect on the Blind app, the company behind the application reports that employees of the company can no longer register for the application, Tesla has blocked the app on its network.

Registration of Tesla e-mail addresses

The registration of a Blind account can only be done via the official e-mail address of a company, to exclude users who do not work for the company from the application. Tesla has now opted to block the emails from the Blind email address, so it is no longer possible for employees to confirm their identity. Tesla is also said to have blocked the application on its Wi-Fi network; it would be a worldwide blockade. According to Blind, Tesla is said to have imposed the blockade on 4 May, since the company has since been unable to send emails to Tesla e-mail addresses. This blockade is said to have been followed by an e-mail about leaks from Tesla, which was also sent on 4 May.
In these e-mails, which the Tesla security team sent to its employees, the leakage of sensitive company information was explicitly discussed. It is unknown what the exact reason for Tesla to block the application is. Of course there is the possibility that Tesla wants to prevent secret business processes from leaking out, or that false claims appear without Tesla being able to provide an answer. Nevertheless, it is a hard blow to employees who have a safe place on Blind to discuss the practical situations with colleagues. It is possible that Tesla will unlock the app later; rideshare app Uber blocked the app earlier, but later reversed the decision.

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