Telegram’s crypto money Gram’s sale begins!

Telegram's crypto money Gram's sale begins!

price of the Telegram token will be three times higher. Coin will be sold in July

Telegram’s expected crypto money Gram’s public sale began today at Liquid. A total of 12.5 million grams will be sold.

The minimum investment for the crypto currency valued at $ 4 is set at 5 grams. The crypto currency is available for USDC and USD. It is not known how much Gram has been sold since its release, but if it is sold in full, it will generate a profit of $ 50 million.

Sales will continue until 24 July if 12.5 million grams are not sold before this date. Sold tokens will not be sold, withdrawn or transferred until Telegram’s Blockchain platform TON is fully published.

The price set for Gram’s public sale in Liquid corresponds to approximately 3 times the price of $ 1.33 for accredited investors in 2018. Last year, Telegram managed to collect a total of $ 1.7 billion from two private sales.

Gram is a crypto currency that has not yet been released and runs on Telegram’s Blockchain network Telegram Open Network (TON). With over 200 million users per month, Telegram is expected to officially launch its crypto currency in the third quarter of 2019. It is a matter of curiosity which stock exchanges will be listed after the release of Gram.

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