Telegram victim of DDoS attack after Hong Kong protests

telegram ddos attack china

Telegram fell victim to a cyber attack from China yesterday. The Chinese government is probably trying to control the protests in this way.

The well-known Telegram messaging service fell victim to a DDoS attack yesterday, as a result of which users in different regions were no longer connected. The cyber attack is probably from China and has to do with the protests in Hong Kong.

We speak of a DDoS attack when a computer system (in this case the servers of Telegram) is flooded with data traffic. Specifically, many devices are sent to the server of the target at the same time, which becomes unreachable due to the too large supply.

Protests via Telegram

Since a few days it is quite restless in Hong Kong. The demonstrators use the application to meet and organize the protests. That way they stay out of the authority of the authorities, since the messaging app uses full encryption in its app. That means that the Chinese government does not get control over the protests, but also not over the news that comes out. Pavel Durov, chief executive of Telegram, announced on Twitter that the attack of IP addresses came from China.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday demonstrators in Hong Kong have made themselves heard. They are fighting a new law that places the city state under the control of the Chinese authorities.

Not the first time

The messaging service was previously confronted with cyber attacks. Four years ago it was also a victim of such spam from China. In 2018 the messaging service was also confronted with a blockade from Russia.

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