Synchronization between Google Drive and Photos will stop from July

Google will stop the synchronization of photos and videos between Drive and Photos. The feature would be too confusing and Google will end it.

Google will stop the synchronization between its Drive and Photos application from July. Until now, that possibility was still there, but many users experienced it as confusing. Google makes a good choice and listens to the wishes of its users.

Starting next month, new photos and videos that you add to your drive will no longer appear in the photos app. In the opposite direction, it no longer works either. If you upload something in Google Photos, it will no longer appear in Drive. And if you delete something on one of the two, it will remain on the other. So if you want to delete older photos and videos, you will now have to do that twice.

It is also important to note that uploads from before this change will remain in both locations. If you still want to move material between Drive and Photos, Google has implemented the new ‘upload from Drive’ option. For example, you can manually choose images in Drive to import to Photos. To be honest, it seems confusing again, but it is heading in the right direction.

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