Sweden, the Czech Republic and Italy will lead the EU Blockchain Partnership next year

Sweden, the Czech Republic and Italy will lead the EU Blockchain Partnership next year

Sweden, the Czech Republic and Italy will lead the European Blockchain Partnership in the coming year. The three countries are given the responsibility to further assist the organization with its mission. The roles were given to the countries during the organization’s monthly meeting in Brussels.

The organization aims to develop a blockchain infrastructure within Europe. 21 countries signed a statement in 2018 that states:

The signatories to this declaration agree to work together to establish a European Blockchain partnership with a view to developing a blockchain infrastructure that can enhance value-based, trusted, user-oriented digital services within the Digital Single Market.

Sweden and the Czech Republic were two of the 21 countries that signed the declaration during the establishment of the partnership. Italy joined the partnership four months later, in September 2018. At the time, the president of parliament, Mirella Liuzzi, said:

By participating in the partnership, Italy can count on other European countries and also determine its own line on the development of technology, something that has never been undertaken by previous governments.

This is not the only European organization that is committed to the development of blockchain technology. Before the establishment of this partnership, the European Commission set up the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum. The committee recently invested € 300 million in this to help the organization with its Horizon 2020 mission. The organization encourages European companies and startups to use and develop blockchain.

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