Standard Range Tesla Model 3 receives software lock for extra functions

At Tesla it was temporarily possible to receive a Model 3 Standard Range with Standard Range Plus functions; the required software blockade did not appear to be present.

Tesla sells its cars in many different variants, whereby the buyer can choose from (very) many optional items. Tailoring every car is difficult for Tesla to achieve, given the goals it sets for its production. That is why the American car manufacturer supplies the Model 3 ex-factory with a lot of hardware, which may or may not be switched on. Owners who have recently purchased a Tesla Model 3 ‘Standard Range’ were, however, surprised: many of the options were simply available. After all, there was no blockade in the software yet, but that will change. According to Electrek, Tesla is currently applying software blockades.

“Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus”

If you bought a Tesla Model 3 in Standard Range up to now, in many cases you received the Model 3 in Standard Range Plus. Differences between the two models are software based, so Tesla can easily produce two cars on one production line. Unfortunately the fun seems to have ended, writes Marc Bunton , an reader of Electrek. His new Tesla Model 3 Standard Range comes with a range of 355 kilometers, without Autopilot, live maps, the (limited) seat heating and also the fog lights are not activated. This means that there is a good chance that all future Teslas rolling out of the factory will come with this blockage.

It is suspected that Tesla could also provide its current Model 3s with an update to disable the functions for which no payment has been made. There are no reports yet about the company rolling out such an update. For the time being, the owners of Teslas who still have the ‘free’ functions can therefore speak of a small happiness. It is not known exactly how it could have happened that no software blockage was present. Engadget speculates about a (too) busy software department that is developing improved versions of the Autopilot. Tesla has not yet responded to the issue for its Model 3s.

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