Spotify tests speech-driven accessory for the car

Spotify has built an in-car accessory called Car Thing. A select group of Premium users may test the hardware, which makes it possible to give instructions to the Spotify app with voice commands.

On its website, Spotify reports that it has started testing Car Thing; given the naming, another name will probably be chosen for the final release. Few details are known; according to Spotify, testing is taking place in the United States with a small group of users who have a paid subscription. It is not known when the hardware should be released for all users.

This is a small accessory that can be attached to a 12-volt connection for the power supply. Via Bluetooth, a connection is made with the user’s smartphone, which can then give voice commands. Based on those commands, the hardware can ensure that playlists or podcasts are played in the car.

According to Spotify, the main goal is to find out how people use Spotify in the car, and there are no immediate plans to release the hardware on a large scale. It is also not immediately clear which information Spotify hopes to collect. The company emphasizes that it remains a streaming music company and hardware does not play an important role in business plans.

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