Spoil yourself with the world’s first fully functional Bitcoin (BTC) watch

Spoil yourself with the world's first fully functional Bitcoin (BTC) watch

Spoil yourself with the world's first fully functional Bitcoin (BTC) watch

If there is a name that no longer needs an introduction into the world of elite watchmakers, it is Franck Muller’s. The high-end watch brand, famous for its “Master of Complications” and unique designs, has been revolutionizing the industry since 1991. It’s not for nothing that Franck Muller’s watches are worn by various Hollywood celebrities and top athletes.

Franck Muller timepieces are known for their fusion of “modern” style. A craft that is mostly inspired by American watches from the thirties and traditional Swiss watch production. However, it can also be fully updated with time, as evidenced by the clock of the world’s first fully functional Bitcoin watch!

franck muller crypto bitcoin watch

Bitcoin watch

The Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller “wraps the world around his wrist again” with a new master class. Or did you say that you had heard of a fully functional Bitcoin watch before? The world’s first bitcoin watch, entitled Encrypto, contains a laser-etched QR code that acts as a public wallet address where the wearer can deposit bitcoin and check the balance.

Talking about very original and complicated. Known among experts as ‘deep cold storage’, the portfolio uses offline, non-deterministic TRNGs (True Random Numbers Generated) that cannot be hacked. The watch comes with a sealed USB stick that stores the private key.

franck muller crypto bitcoin watch

Trend maker

As a brand, Franck Muller is a trend maker. With a solid track record, he is the first in line when it comes to adopting innovation. Erol Baliyan, Franck Muller Regional Director, explains:

We always strive to emotionally influence the customer and to create a bond between the customer and the timepiece. Bitcoin is the millennial gold and is the perfect marriage between innovation and personal choice.

bitcoin watch limited

Only 500 copies of the watch are thrown onto the market. The bitcoin watch is available in both men’s and women’s versions. The watches vary in price from € 9,000 to € 53,000. The face of the watch contains the Bitcoin logo with a circuit background. The back of the housing has a similar etching.

btc watch diamonds

The watch comes with the option to adjust both the strap and the dial. Some models contain precious models and diamonds. Want to see more? Take a look at the Franck Muller Crypto website for the complete collection!

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