Some Tesla Model S and X models receive free Supercharging

Tesla decided in January to partially remove Supercharging from the referral program. Free Supercharging now follows (temporarily) for the stock models of the Tesla Model S and X.

Tesla gave extras to Tesla owners until December when they had people buy a Tesla through their own link. It was not limited to free Supercharging, Tesla must also give away 86 Tesla Roadsters to participants in the referral program . Earlier in 2019 the company decided to adjust the program, per referral owners receive a maximum of 1,500km of free Supercharging – along with chances of winning a Tesla Model Y or a Roadster. To boost sales again, the American car manufacturer will now give free Supercharging to buyers of a Tesla Model S and X, although it concerns specific versions, writes Electrek.

Stock models Tesla Model S and X

Not all models of the Tesla Model S and X get the extra. The benefit will be available with Tesla Model S and X models that are available as stock on the website. If you hope that the action also works on the new variants of the car, then I have to disappoint you unfortunately. Tesla will only offer it on models that are in stock and have been rolled out of the factory without the upgrades of the engines. This puts prospective buyers in a difficult position; Is there an interest in a longer action radius, or will discount be decisive? Tesla will of course not only offer free Supercharging, in many cases a discount is offered with stock models.

Tesla Model S – Free Supercharging

When Tesla talks about free Supercharging, they mean free Supercharging forever. It is about free Supercharging for the entire life of the car at its current owner , as Electrek was confirmed in a conversation with Tesla. How many models of the ‘old’ Model S and X are still in stock in Europe is unknown. With this promotion it should be easier for Tesla to run out of stock. Whether this is the right way to sell Tesla’s is, however, a completely different story. Tesla has been on a downward trend in sales since the beginning of this year, after making a profit for the first time two quarters in a row at the end of last year.

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