Social network Openbook changes name to Openspace after Facebook complaint

The open source social network Openbook changes its name to Openspace. That happens after a complaint from Facebook, which has registered the brand name ‘book’. The company presents itself as a privacy-friendly Facebook alternative.

That’s what the makers behind the social network say in a blog post . The company has been approached by Facebook, which is not happy with the word ‘book’ in the name of the company. “We can’t afford (€) to go on a legal dispute with Facebook over this.” writes founder Joel Hernández. That’s why the company opts for a new name.

According to the founders, the name Openspace is allowed and does not get into trouble with MySpace. “They have not recorded the words ‘My’ and ‘Space’ as Facebook has done with ‘Face’ and ‘Book’.” The company also said it had “taken legal action” to prevent future problems. The company wants to change the name in the coming weeks on the website, in the app and on social media channels.

Openspace is an open source social medium that presented itself as a privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook. The project is still in the alpha phase, although the first registrations for a beta have already been opened. Openbook started as a crowdfunding project of which the first goal was not achieved , but a continuation with a lower goal amount was . Behind the initiative is KPN’s chief information security officer Jaya Baloo, and the project is supported by cryptography expert Phil Zimmerman. According to Hernández, the latter would have recommended the name Openspace.

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