Snapchat expands in-app purchases for influencers

Via a new Shopify integration, American Snapchatters can immediately purchase their favorite products in Snapchat Stories.

Snap is rolling out a new tool in Snapchat with which influencers, publishers and brands can sell products via their account. Just like on Instagram, it is then possible for users to purchase your favorite products in-app.

The tool has been tested for some time by certain influencers and brands. Snapchat users can make purchases directly from photos and videos. For this, Snap would collaborate with Shopify’s online store software.

Long live the Kardashians

According to Twinkle, a number of verified snapchat users would have had access to the new tool on 6 June. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were supposed to be in that exclusive club and could already sell their makeup and clothing through a simple swipe-up. The new tool would be further rolled out to more brands and influencers in the coming period, but when and who will have access to it is not yet known.


It is not surprising that the social media platform is taking the step towards e-commerce. The company has been struggling for a while with a falling number of users and is trying to attract users through new tools. According to Snapchat itself, influencers and brands would have several products on offer, making the Shopify integration possible to offer those products at the same time.

Unfortunately it is not possible for influencers or brands to retarget users. To purchase the product, the user only needs to provide his e-mail address or telephone number, as a result of which customers can no longer be prompted.

Currently, the new tool would only be available to Snapchatters in the United States. Because of European privacy and data legislation, EU snap chatters are simply taken to a mobile website.

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