Selling lemonade for bitcoin (BTC): Meet the new generation!

Selling lemonade for bitcoin (BTC): Meet the new generation!

Selling lemonade for bitcoin (BTC): Meet the new generation!

According to the latest data published by Turkey on the use of crypto-currency Bitcoin it holds the leadership in Europe. Therefore, it is undeniable that crypto money gets a lot of attention in Turkey. The latest example can be seen in the vision of a girl who sells lemonade in the park and people can pay via fiat or bitcoin.

Bitcoin with lemonade sale in Turkey

The image shared was shared by Twitter user Oytun ES and shows how interested even young Turks are in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In a park, a 12-year-old girl sells homemade lemonade and accepts bitcoin as payment for the sale of lemonade, as shown in the photo. 1 glass of lemonade is sold for 2 TL and those who want to pay with Bitcoin need to pay 0,00004 Bitcoin for the lemonade.

The vision in this girl is truly worthy of appreciation. However, as stated by the sharing person, there are many institutions, companies and individuals in Turkey and in the world who still cannot see the potential that this girl sees in bitcoin and crypto money. However, the adoption of crypto currency in Turkey is high compared to many other countries and this is confirmed by the latest data.

Growing interest in Bitcoin and crypto currency in Turkey

The CSO of Coinshares, Meltem Demirörs, most recently published a graph showing crypto use in Turkey. According to these reports, 18 percent of Turks have Bitcoin and crypto currencies. Turkey, as happened in Argentina in 2018, lived in an economic crisis. Currencies depreciated against the US dollar and inflation began to increase. Because of this situation, Turks started to see Bitcoin and crypto currencies as an alternative to fiat and invested in crypto assets.

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