San Francisco is the first to ban e-cigarettes

San Francisco is the first to ban e-cigarettes

San Francisco passed a law yesterday that should completely ban e-cigarettes from the city. That causes a stir among vapers and producers.

Yesterday, the city administration of the American city of San Francisco voted to ban e-cigarettes from the city.

First city in the US

With the ban of e-cigarettes, San Francisco would be the first city to make such an ultimate attempt to dissuade young people from smoking. The vote was yesterday, so the new law made it. From yesterday the mayor London Breed has ten days to approve this new law.

Although that is just a formality, since the mayor previously stated that she fully supported the new legislation.


As you can imagine, most e-cigarette producers are not happy with this. And then mainly producer Juul. San Francisco is Juul’s hometown, the company has just bought a 28-storey building to accommodate its staff. The company has grown enormously in recent years.

The company has already indicated that it certainly does not agree with the new legislation. However, it does understand that the government wants to keep young people away from smoking. That is why the e-cigarette producer argues for responsible legislation that should give adults the opportunity to choose what they want to do.


According to certain sources, Juul has always focused hard on the younger target group. And that is no longer possible, according to the FDA.

Juul has been under fire at the FDA for some time. The American regulator raided the company last year. Since then, the company has stopped selling a number of specific tastes and advertisements on social media channels.

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