Salesforce takes over Tableau for $ 16 billion


CRM giant Salesforce is doing a remarkable acquisition with Tableau to strengthen its expertise in data and the overall operation of the company.

Tableau, the online platform with which professionals and laymen can visualize data has been taken over by Salesforce. The American CRM company buys the company for 16 billion dollars. With this acquisition, the company is strengthening its CRM software, since it can now use deeper data usage.

The two companies agreed to close a full deal through shares. The acquisition increases Salesforce’s sales by $ 400 million. The profit is expected to be lower due to the deal.

Deals, deals, deals

The CRM giant tried to incorporate LinkedIn a few years ago, but couldn’t compete with Microsoft. It does not immediately seem logical, but LinkedIn could also have helped the company to strengthen and improve its data intelligence.

Google also announced the acquisition of data giant Looker last week. This also allows Google to strengthen its expertise in data analysis. It is not entirely clear whether Salesforce now felt compelled to invest. You notice that large American companies are investing more and more in new technologies and acquisitions to keep up with the world of big data.

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