Russian registrations point to future Apple MacBooks

Russian registrations point to future Apple MacBooks

Apple has recently upgraded its MacBook Pro, but there seems to be more in the barrel for 2019, according to the records that appeared in a Russian database.

Before a product is marketed, there is a whole process for developing and then registering that a company must follow. Reports from the Eurasian Union (EAU) regarding the registration of goods also regularly appear. This time, Apple is the party that has registered new goods within the union. Presumably the company will show a number of new MacBooks later this year, and it is already making the import of the models possible. After all, registration with the EUA is required when importing goods to Russia.

Apple registered the models on 27 May and received permission to import the MacBooks to Russia on 13 June. Seven different models have appeared in the database. You don’t have to expect seven different laptops by the end of 2019, presumably they are models with different antennas or storage configurations. The company has always kept the same model number for the processors; although this could of course change. The fact that the company is preparing for the end of 2019 was already apparent from the twelve model numbers of iPhones that appeared in the database last month. The iPod (2019) also appeared in the database.

Launch of MacBooks at the end of 2019

Although it is certainly a MacBook , it is not known exactly which model it will be. Earlier this year, the MacBook Pro already received an upgrade with new processors and a better keyboard. Apple could of course give an update to the MacBook Air or the MacBook , that laptop had not received any updates for a while. If it is true that it is a MacBook, then we can wait a bit longer. If the company maintains a launch schedule similar to 2018, you do not have to expect the laptop until the end of October. It is possible that Apple bundles the event of the iPhones in September with the MacBook (s).

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