Rumor: Huawei pauses development of Windows laptops

Huawei has temporarily stopped developing Windows laptops, claims DigiTimes. The break in the production and development of MateBooks follows a boycott of American companies, including Microsoft and Intel.

Huawei allegedly reported to its partners to stop deliveries of components for laptops. Projects for new notebooks have also been shut down, claims DigiTimes. This Taiwanese site publishes rumors quite often. Not all rumors are correct, but at the same time the site has proven to have good sources within the Taiwanese tech industry.

The reason most likely lies in the boycott of American companies against Huawei, which is the result of the trade ban imposed by the US government. As a result, Microsoft seems to no longer provide Windows licenses to Huawei, although the company has never confirmed this. In any case, Huawei no longer receives Intel chips for laptops.

Huawei is working on its own operating system, possibly called the Ark OS, which should replace Android and possibly also Windows. This would appear in the fall of this year and at the latest in the spring of 2020.

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