Rumor: Apple wants to take over Intel’s 5G division

Apple is interested in Intel’s 5G technology. With this, the company wants to focus more on proprietary technology for modems that would come onto the market in 2025.

According to sources at The Information, Apple is interested in the fashion division of Intel, which is based in Germany. By focusing more on proprietary technology, the company can develop modems faster for, for example, 5G.

Intel’s German fashion division already publicly announced some time ago that it would stop the production of its 5G modems. With that it actually wants to announce that the takeover of its people and technology is open. Because Intel took over the German company Infineon in 2010, its fashion division is located in Germany.

No separate company

Apple is not interested in the company itself because it is not separate from Intel. That is why it is only about the acquisition of technology and patents. For Apple that is interesting because the American iPhone maker can build his own chips and modems faster and is therefore less dependent on 3rd parties. Due to a conflict 2 years ago, Apple switched from Qualcomm to Intel for its chips.

Moreover, it is a rumor. Both companies have not yet responded. It has been going around for some time that Apple is working on its own modems, but they would not be released until 2025.

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