Ripple XRP will revolutionize micropayments

Ripple XRP will revolutionize micropayments

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Ripple XRP will revolutionize the blockchain world. This opinion regarding Ripple XRP is held by many experts. The digital asset of Ripple XRP really has excellent potential, and there are chances of quite a significant development, given the already very good results. So, Navin Gupta, Managing Director for South Asia and MENA, said that Ripple XRP could create a revolution in micropayments.

Ripple XRP will revolutionize blockchain world: Details

Ripple XRP will revolutionize micropayments, according to Navin Gupta, Managing Director for South Asia and MENA. According to the Ripple employee, XRP is the ideal project for such a task. The representative of Ripple expressed this opinion at FinTech Abu Dhabi 2019. Also, according to a Ripple employee, hundreds of millions of consumers will be interested in micropayments in the future.

First of all, micropayments are profitable, according to the representative of Ripple, for subscribing to content. If a site makes one article paid by entering a price for the ability to read it in the amount of, for example, only 10 cents, this will be inconvenient. Existing payment systems with micropayments of such sizes can not cope. On the other hand, as an employee of Ripple emphasized, for crypto technologies, this is quite real.

According to the representative of Ripple, it is precisely the blockchain that will allow introducing a reasonable price for the content, and consumers will calmly read the material they are interested in. Thus, micropayments will make it possible to find a real compromise between authors and viewers. Also, the representative of Ripple named another area where micropayments based on XRP are useful. Here we are talking about how to combine reality and computer games. In computer games, gamers can receive some valuable items for those projects. However, then the items may not be necessary for them, and there is a need for sale in order to purchase, for example, ice cream. Virtual items can cost no more than a dollar, and these are micropayments that without blockchain intervention will not allow a gamer to realize his desire.

As Navin Gupta noted, Ripple is gradually working on to help those who are interested in micropayments. Ripple creates progress by developing various projects. Therefore, the revolution in micropayments through Ripple XRP can really happen. It was also previously known that the Ripple XRP was added to the QuantaEx listing.

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