Ripple XRP will help stopping global recession

Ripple XRP will help stopping global recession

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Ripple XRP will help stop the global recession, according to analyst Panos Mekras. The Ripple XRP digital asset is often integrated into various projects to improve business. The introduction of Ripple XRP helps significantly increase revenue. Now Panos Mekras said that Ripple will help stop the global economic downturn due to its functionality.

Ripple XRP Helps Stop Global Recession: Details

Ripple XRP will help stop the global recession, analyst Panos Mekras said. The expert noted that the economy is currently completely unable to prosper. For the first half of 2019, world debt increased by $ 7.5 trillion, and currently, it is 250 trillion, and by December 31 it will be equal to 255 trillion. This is 330% of world GDP, which is a huge indicator. In the same way, US government debt is growing, while economic growth is slowing not only in the US, but in other advanced economies, and in 2020 the situation will worsen even more. The situation in the stock market is also not good. According to Panos Mekras, it resembles a bubble that will burst soon. Liquidity is gradually depleted, and to change the situation, it is necessary to update the financial system to the maximum.

Thanks to the digital asset Ripple XRP, one can solve the liquidity problem and make pre-funded accounts unnecessary. Ripple XRP is currently, according to Panos Mekras, the most useful and most often integrated into various projects’ digital assets. The cryptocurrency Ripple XRP is gradually able to replace Bitcoin in its position and significance. The advantages of Ripple XRP are speed, low transaction costs, security, great decentralization, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

On-Demand Liquidity also matters, which uses the Ripple XRP. This Ripple project has the potential not only to provide instant liquidity in cross-border payments but also in other markets. Using such tools, as well as speed, low costs, transparency and security of Ripple XRP, it would be possible, as Panos Mekras emphasized, to help solve the global liquidity problem and ultimately stop the economic downturn, returning again to growth.

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