Ripple (XRP) will experience explosive growth: Tim Draper’s opinion

Ripple (XRP) will experience explosive growth: Tim Draper's opinion

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Ripple XRP will experience explosive growth, investment specialist Tim Draper said. The cost of Ripple XRP had some fluctuations, but a number of experts predicted a significant increase for the digital asset. Now, Tim Draper called what is happening with the price of Ripple XRP “calm before the storm”, which further will result in explosive growth.

Ripple XRP will experience explosive growth: Details

Ripple XRP will experience explosive growth, according to investment specialist Tim Draper. Ripple XRP currently has a “calm before the storm” period and things will change soon. Such a statement regarding Ripple XRP, an expert on financial investments made, answering a user question on the forum. The user was interested in when exactly Ripple XRP will be able to achieve the fastest and highest profit. The specialist stressed that the price rise is expected by the Ripple XRP in the near future.

Such a statement regarding the cost of the Ripple XRP investment expert based on several parameters. The first is the multiple growths of Bitcoin over the past five months. The specialist believes that a similar result can now be expected from the Ripple XRP. The second point is the active partnerships by Ripple. At the same time, the expert compared Ripple with a mythical creature unicorn, given the situation in the crypto sphere.

This means that Ripple is associated with the fact that it can really give the financial world something wonderful and useful. According to the investment specialist, Ripple is actively developing, expanding its sphere of influence, enlisting the support of large financial institutions and constantly improving translation technology. In addition, the expert separately highlighted Ripple’s good relationship with such a large company as SBI. This is also a positive point, which indicates a sharp increase in the cost of the Ripple XRP in the near future.

Other news

Earlier, Ripple Senior Vice President Asheesh Birla spoke in an interview about a number of points regarding the company. First of all, the representative of Ripple emphasized that the company did not initially struggle with the existing financial system, but tried to accurately improve it from the inside. Also, the success of Ripple XRP arose from the fact that it was directly focused on payments, bringing to the highest degree scalability and other parameters that other digital assets are much weaker.

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