Ripple XRP will become global reserve currency

Ripple XRP will become global reserve currency

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Ripple XRP will become a global reserve currency, according to some experts. The reason for this will be the global crisis, in which the Ripple XRP will help quite a lot, given the high functionality. This will not happen soon with Ripple XRP, but opinions on this status for a digital asset continue to expand. So, the head of CoinField said in an interview that he thinks that Ripple XRP will become a global reserve currency.

Ripple XRP Will Become Global Reserve Currency: Details

Ripple XRP will become the global reserve currency, according to CoinField CEO Bob Ras. The CoinField CEO expressed this view on Ripple XRP in an interview with NewsLogical. According to the head of CoinField, he likes to think that soon the Ripple XRP will be able to get such a very significant status.

Canadian crypto exchange CoinField recently launched the Sologenic platform, which facilitates the on-demand digital asset trading of the Ripple XRP Ledger. CoinField plans to use Sologenic to create a bridge between the stock market and cryptocurrencies, and Ripple XRP Ledger is needed here to ensure fast transaction execution. In an interview, the CoinField CEO explained why Ripple XRP Ledger was chosen for such important purposes. First of all, as the head of the Canadian crypto exchange noted, the reason is that the Ripple XRP ecosystem pleases with its speed and profitability.

In addition, Ripple XRP Ledger provides all the tools for various financial plan projects that meet the requirements of our time. The CoinField CEO also emphasized that the relationship between Ripple XRP and the Sologenic project will continue to evolve. Such a union will give really great benefits. Regarding the adoption of Ripple XRP as a global reserve currency, Bob Ras noted that this could happen soon, but various aspects must be taken into account.

Currently, according to Bob Ras, the digital asset Ripple XRP “is on the right track.” Modernizing and facilitating traditional bank transfers is an important step. Ripple will be able to revolutionize cross-border transfers soon, according to him. Ripple’s strategy is extremely successful, and confirmation of future success by people such as the head of the Canadian crypto exchange can be called yet another proof of the correctness of the plan.

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