Ripple (XRP) wants to create an adjustable space for the world of finance

Ripple (XRP) wants to create an adjustable space for the world of finance

Ripple wants to create an adjustable space for the world of finance

Ripple wants to create a miracle of financial and technological progress in the world. Ripple is committed to innovation. Ripple really manages to achieve significant enough results. The strategies of the company are extremely justified and well thought out. So, the head of government relations at Ripple Michelle Bond said that the company will create a regulated space for the world of finance.

Ripple wants to create an adjustable space: Details

Ripple wants to create a regulated space for the world of finance, according to Michelle Bond, head of government relations. The representative of Ripple emphasized the company’s active cooperation with various regulatory bodies. A Ripple employee made such a statement during a recent forum. At the event, a Ripple representative spoke about the measures the company is taking to ensure the ultimate legitimacy of all processes, as well as the thorough compliance with all requirements.

According to an employee of Ripple, the company has been operating since 2012, and today the company’s technologies are known around the world. Ripple actively cooperates with more than 50 governments in different countries. A must for Ripple, in this case, compliance with all regulatory legal acts and various requirements that apply in the territory of a particular country. Michelle Bond noted that so many people believe that the blockchain cannot be regulated in any way. However, Ripple proves the opposite, trying to show that crypto technologies should also function within the law. Ripple reports directly to the authorities of various states. The company understands well that in order for customers to use all the advantages of a payment system in the blockchain, the system itself must first be adjusted to the current regulatory framework. All operations are necessarily comprehensively checked, but only in such a way that Ripple customers do not have any inconvenience.

Ripple officially informs that the financial transfer ecosystem is under strict control. Ripple also tries to ensure that the partners of the company follow regulatory legal acts. Thus, this Ripple strategy is aimed at the ultimate regulation of the blockchain, which gives tangible progress right now, and this process will continue to develop. It is worth noting that earlier the efforts of Ripple to do everything within the framework of the law were already emphasized by the employees of the company Navin Gupta and Asheesh Birla.

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