Ripple XRP market capitalization could reach $ 100 trillion

Ripple XRP market capitalization could reach $ 100 trillion

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The market capitalization of Ripple XRP is quite high at present. Gradually, Ripple XRP in this regard continues to grow. There is a chance of achieving incredibly significant results. So, experts from NewsLogical argue that the market capitalization of Ripple XRP could reach $ 100 trillion.

Ripple XRP Market Capitalization: Details

Ripple XRP’s market capitalization could reach $ 100 trillion in the future, according to experts from NewsLogical. According to experts, this value of Ripple XRP is not much less than the amount of money around the world. Capitalization for Ripple XRP of $ 100 trillion is likely when a digital asset reaches all 100 billion market tokens. Experts also note that by that time Ripple XRP could cost $ 1,000 per token. Such a probability for Ripple XRP is not one hundred percent, but to a certain extent, it is likely. When you multiply 100 billion by 1 thousand dollars, the market capitalization of Ripple XRP will amount to 100 trillion dollars.

Experts with NewsLogical began such an analysis, first of all, noting that the one-percent wallet of the user Ripple XRP should be 70,079 XRP, which equals about 20 thousand dollars. Such data was provided by the XRP Stats website. At the same time, 0.5% holds 137,081 Ripple XRPs, 0.1% holds 723,458 XRPs, and 0.01% holds 15,807,085 XRPs. Based on this information, experts appreciated the relevance of the Ripple XRP. Experts emphasized that Ripple XRP is one of the most attractive digital assets for investors.

First of all, as experts from NewsLogical say, the fact is that Ripple follows what it says. The company developed Ripple XRP, completely adapting everything to the modern needs of users. Despite certain skeptical claims that Ripple XRP may be a security, most structures do not support this. Therefore, the credibility of the Ripple XRP is quite high.

Another important point, according to experts from NewsLogical, is the low cost for one Ripple XRP token at the moment. Many investors are confident that the cheaper the asset today, the more expensive it will become tomorrow. Therefore, in this regard, Ripple XRP is very attractive. Gradually, Ripple XRP will continue to advance, and the price will rise even to 1 thousand dollars, which in the end will give a capitalization of 100 trillion dollars when selling the entire volume of Ripple XRP.

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