Ripple XRP liquidity on the rise in Mexico: Opinion of Japanese analyst

Ripple XRP liquidity on the rise in Mexico: Opinion of Japanese analyst

Ripple XRP Liquidity Rises In Mexico: Opinion Of Japanese Analyst

The liquidity of Ripple XRP increased in Mexico after the partnership of the development company with MoneyGram. Previously, various experts pointed to the positive changes in Ripple XRP, occurring due to new partnerships of Ripple. The new statement was another proof. A well-known Japanese analyst said that the liquidity of Ripple XRP began to grow precisely after a partnership with MoneyGram.

Ripple XRP Liquidity Rises In Mexico: Details

Ripple XRP’s liquidity increased in Mexico after a partnership with MoneyGram, a well-known Japanese analyst said. Especially such changes affected the situation with Ripple XRP on the Mexican exchange Bitso. Before the transaction, the Ripple XRP liquidity index, compiled by a Japanese analyst for the position of a digital asset in Mexico, fluctuated in the negative zone.

This meant that the volume of the Ripple XRP was struggling to recover. The analyst emphasized that, in general, the market volume cannot be negative. However, the calculation of the index sometimes results in negative values ​​that are not very significant. Now Ripple XRP has been able to fundamentally increase liquidity in Mexico. In the future, the situation will continue to improve. Ripple makes big bets on its digital asset, and they will certainly come true, given the company’s well-thought-out and adequate strategy.

Other news

It was previously known that Ripple expanded its regulatory team, becoming the first blockchain firm with a special office in Washington. Craig Phillips, a former advisor to the secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department, was also admitted to the Ripple Board of Directors. This will give Ripple the opportunity to get even closer to politics, which means a future improvement in the legal regulation of the blockchain. In addition, it is important that Ripple will also build trust and increase progress in blockchain technologies as a member of the Blockchain Association. Michelle Bond, director of public relations at Ripple, has now become a member of the board of directors.

Ripple emphasized the importance of political positive influence on blockchain worldwide. This is how it will turn out to create such conditions that will give exclusively technological innovation. Currently, Ripple is waiting for the continuation of the begun communication with politicians, forming a team of specialists. If we talk about the appointment of Craig Phillips, he will be involved in advising the Ripple strategic management team as the company expands its global network.

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