Ripple (XRP) exceeds all expectations: 300 customers and counting!

Ripple (XRP) exceeds all expectations: 300 customers and counting!

ripple over 300 customers

Ripple exceeds all expectations and is advancing hard in the field of financial technology. Ripple is committed to excellence. Ripple’s strategies are paying off, which is reflected in the organization’s reports. Ripple announced it has managed to exceed 300 customers.


Ripple said on its website that it has managed to surpass 300 customers. In addition, according to Ripple, there is a tenfold increase in annualized transactions on the global RippleNet network. Ripple also pointed to liquidity gains on demand. This technology was announced at last year’s Swell conference, and not much time passed as the project began to show tremendous growth. Customers are actively interested in this idea.

Among those interested in liquidity on-demand from Ripple are organizations such as MoneyGram, goLance, Viamericas, FlashFX, and Interbank Peru. From the end of the first quarter to the end of October, the number of transactions using the technology increased by more than 7 times. goLance CEO Michael Brooks noted that the freelancers market is growing rapidly as more and more companies accept talent to grow their business. goLance wants freelancers to be paid on time as well as at the lowest cost. That is why the company collaborates with Ripple.

Through a partnership with Ripple, the company uses blockchain and XRP technology to eliminate the ongoing inefficiencies of cross-border payments, making transactions faster, more reliable and cheaper. Reducing the cost of sending payments can improve the life of freelancers. Viamericas CEO Paul Dwyer emphasized that on-demand liquidity from Ripple allows you to send payments in real-time and reduce their cost, so it is possible to more effectively manage liquidity in general. Thanks to this, the process of financial transfers becomes more simple and affordable for customers. FlashFX CEO Nicholas Steiger noted that his company was one of the first to apply liquidity on-demand from Ripple.

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