Ripple XRP added to Ternio’s Visa BlockCard

Ripple XRP added to Ternio's Visa BlockCard

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Ripple XRP is currently being added to a large number of different projects. Many companies integrate Ripple XRP, noting the great convenience of this digital asset. Ripple XRP allows you to increase the speed of transactions, makes the process more efficient overall and reduces costs. It is to reduce costs that startup Ternio plans to add Ripple XRP to its BlockCard, a cryptocurrency debit card.

Ripple XRP added to Ternio’s BlockCard: Details

Ripple XRP will be added to the BlockCard debit card by Ternio. At present, there are already other digital assets, as well as some stable coins. Ripple XRP will now join them. Thus, while Ripple expands its network of partners, entering into cooperation for xCurrent technologies and liquidity on demand, XRP is being introduced into new payment applications. Startup Ternio noted that Ripple XRP will be added to the debit card this week. The exact dates are not indicated.

Supporters of Ripple XRP praised the news quite positively. It is also worth noting that there was a certain dispute regarding the event with another digital asset. Stellar performed the “burning”, that is, the process of sending coins to the address and throwing out the private key with the removal of tokens from circulation in the amount of 55 billion. This event prompted the suggestion that Ripple could follow Ripple’s lead and “burn” part of XRP’s assets. However, the assumption has not yet been confirmed. So far, no reaction to the actions of Stellar by Ripple is available.

Other news

It was previously known that the digital asset Ripple XRP was able to achieve a new record on Bitso. According to the Liquidity Index Bot, the Ripple XRP liquidity index on the Mexican Bitso exchange has now reached 4.14 million. It is worth noting that in October this indicator for Ripple XRP was 3 million, and the first surge in liquidity was observed in September. There was also evidence that Ripple began to cooperate with TPBank (Tien Phong), a commercial bank in Vietnam.

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