Ripple Xpring invests in Strata Labs to develop Interledger network

Ripple Xpring invests in Strata Labs to develop Interledger network

Ripple Senior Vice President: Improving as a core strategy

Ripple Xpring invests in various projects quite often. This is Ripple’s strategy to promote the blockchain in general and its ideas in particular. Financial investments and technical support of Ripple Xpring give very good results. Ripple Xpring is now investing in the Strata Labs startup to develop the Interledger network.

Ripple Xpring Invests in Strata Labs: Details

Ripple Xpring is investing in Strata Labs, which is working on the development of the Interledger network. The leaders of Strata Labs Austin King and Dino Rodriguez have been in the blockchain industry for quite some time, being experienced developers. Now they have created a new company that will enable them to unleash the full potential of the Ripple Interledger network. The developers of this startup will focus on ensuring that the Ripple Interledger infrastructure brings maximum benefits.

It is worth noting that Ripple Xpring also previously took steps to strengthen the implementation of Interledger. For example, in early August, Ripple Xpring acquired Equilibrium Connect to simplify project integration. Now, Strata Labs will make open-source software that will allow developers to create their own ideas on the Ripple Interledger network. This is another step in the Ripple Xpring strategy for implementing the Internet of values.

Other news

It was previously known that Canadian singer Justin Bieber mentioned Ripple in his Instagram stories. The Ripple community greeted this news with great enthusiasm. Despite the fact that the mention of Ripple by Justin Bieber cannot be considered equivalent to a new partnership with a large company, however, this also matters. The fact is that previously cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a whole were of little interest to celebrities. Given the desire of Ripple to become more popular among ordinary consumers, the fact that Justin Bieber mentioned the company is very useful.

The singer’s audience is millions, and some of his fans will also pay attention to Ripple, which will add supporters of the company. In addition, there is information that Ripple XRP Tipbot will promote transparency in charity. GoodSoulGroups Charities has integrated the Ripple XRP Tipbot for donations on XRP on Twitter in six charities. Thus, thanks to the Ripple XRP Tipbot, this process will become more reliable.

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