Ripple publishes “Blockchain in payments” report and FlashFX opens a new corridor

Ripple publishes "Blockchain in payments" report and FlashFX opens a new corridor

Ripple wants to create an adjustable space for the world of finance

Ripple intends to continue to achieve excellent success in the field of financial technology. Ripple’s position is currently pretty good. The continuation of success is influenced by various significant events. So, Ripple presented the reportBlockchain in payments”, and their partner FlashFX opens a new corridor.

Blockchain in Payments

Ripple introduced a new blockchain in payments report, according to which 75 percent of company executives are extremely interested in digital assets. Ripple emphasizes that over the past two years, blockchain has become quite actively used. Technologies like Ripple are seen as a means of stimulating growth. Higher demand is observed in the financial transfer industry. According to Ripple, it will be even better for the blockchain to clarify regulatory requirements, as well as more actively introduce technologies.

Out of the 1053 respondents surveyed by Ripple in 21 countries, 35% say that the implementation of the blockchain is in process. 27% say that there is a prospect. 68% note the active deployment of technology over the past two years. In addition, the survey is showing an increasing interest in digital assets. 75 percent of respondents are “very interested”. For those who already use blockchain, interest in cryptocurrencies, as Ripple emphasizes, has grown to 85 percent.

FlashFX Opens New Corridor

FlashFX opens Australia’s new liquidity corridor on-demand from Ripple. On its website, FlashFX indicated that blockchain is reaching a new level in Australia thanks to Ripple. On-Demand Liquidity is great for FlashFX needs. Ripple’s payment solution expansion will initially cover payments from Australia to the Philippines. In the future, this will affect other areas. The Philippines, FlashFX emphasizes, is an important point, given the number of labor migrants from this country. Also, the economy of this state is largely dependent on the inflow of remittances. According to the CEO of FlashFX, liquidity on-demand from Ripple will allow consumers to experience the power of the blockchain. FlashFX believes that it is Ripple’s solution that is key to the future of financial payments.

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