Ripple opens office in Washington DC

Ripple opens office in Washington DC

Ripple opens office in Washington DC

Ripple has opened a new office in Washington, DC From the office in the US capital, the company wants to arrange the promotion of blockchain and cryptocurrency. On Ripple’s website, Brad Garlinghouse writes that policymakers “must be taught” about the enormous potential of blockchain.

“Government Relations” office in DC

On October 22, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, published a message on the website of the American company. In it, he writes, among other things, that a new Ripple office has been opened in Washington. With the site, Ripple wants to be as close as possible to US policymakers: according to the publication, it is even a real “Government Relations” office. From here, Ripple intends, as one of the precursors within the blockchain industry, to use its position to convince policymakers of the enormous potential of technology.

However, the expansion to the US capital was not the only news the CEO brought out. To start the discussion about regulation, several new employees have been appointed to important positions. The Board of Directors of Ripple will be reinforced with Craig Phillips, who was still working at the White House until May 2019. There he worked as the top assistant to Steve Mnuchin, the finance minister of the Donald Trump cabinet. In his position at Ripple, he will deal with policy and advice on regulations.

More new staff for Ripple

In addition to Craig Phillips, Ripple adds a political specialist to her government relations department. The role of ‘international regulatory advisor’ will now be filled by Susan Friedman, who previously worked for the Commodities Futures and Trade Commission (CFTC). Friedman provided CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert with advice in that position. As a result, she frequently encountered issues related to the regulation of digital currencies.

Earlier today, Newsbit reported on Heath Tarbert ‘s expectations for possible Ethereum futures. The chairman of the government’s control department recently noted that these futures may become available in 2020.

In addition to Phillips and Friedman, Ripple also announced a third appointment. Ron Hammond is the new “government relations manager” of Ripple Inc., according to the same online message. He also has experience in American politics and will play a key role in Ripple’s new location in the capital.

“Change doesn’t just happen”

Garlinghouse explains the new development:

It is important that policy makers, both in the US and abroad, are armed with knowledge of the industry. Only then can they create conditions in which industry can thrive. We at Ripple are looking forward to new conversations with regulators: we are therefore building a team with a wealth of experience in the field of legislation and regulations.

Today’s announcement also shows that Ripple has become a member of the Blockchain Association. This is an organization that advocates blockchain technology and builds relationships between companies and the government. At the end of the message, the Ripple CEO makes a call:

All countries, governments and companies together benefit from clear regulations for the ecosystem. We must support the blockchain industry with initiatives such as the Blockchain Association. Let’s come together and realize what the global impact of these types of technologies can be.

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